Job Opening: VISTE Warehouse Manager


Position:                              Warehouse Manager
Status:                                  Full time, Hourly 6am – 2pm
Reports To:                         Finance & Operations Director
Direct Reports:                 Warehouse Volunteers

About VISTE:
The mission of VISTE is to enable frail elderly persons to live independently and safely in their own home.

Position Summary:
The Warehouse Manager is responsible for assuring that food and other warehouse goods are in stock, maintaining quality of goods, and distributing the commodities to VISTE clients.

Position Eligibility:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively
  2. Strong organizational skills
  3. Basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office
  4. Willingness to work on tasks as assigned
  5. Willingness to work after standard hours, or alternate hours, as needed
  6. Valid Florida Driver’s License
  7. Fork lift certification
  8. Physically capable of performing all job tasks
  9. A high school diploma or GED, and three or more years of relevant experience, or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for success

Position Duties:
In order to support VISTE in the mission of enabling frail elderly persons to live independently and safely in their own homes, the Warehouse Manager will do the following.

  1. Work effectively with volunteers to run overall warehouse operations.
  2. Oversee product acquisition, storage, and distribution.
  3. Maintain the facilities, vehicles, and equipment.
  4. Work closely with the Food Distribution Coordinator on quality control for all food. 

Position Standards:
It will be known that the person holding this position is successfully completing duties and performing tasks when the following are accomplished.

  1. Volunteers understand their tasks, feel comfortable asking for assistance, and accomplish their goals.
  2. Food products and other items are stocked, stored, and distributed in a safe, timely and appropriate manner.
  3. The facilities, vehicles, and equipment necessary to the warehouse and property are well maintained.

Position Tasks:

  1. Work directly with Food Distribution Coordinator to coordinate volunteers and their projects effectively. This includes sorting, packing, freezing, and bagging.
  2. Assist with volunteer work assignments.
  3. Assure that commodities are prepared for delivery or pick up as scheduled.
  4. Maintain vendor relationships.
  5. Maintain the products.
  6. Maintain an accurate inventory of all products.
  7. Coordinate with Food Distribution Coordinator to maintain USDA compliance
  8. Pick up at various vendor locations.
  9. Receive donations at the VISTE warehouse.
  10. Maintain the vehicle fleet.
  11. Maintain and service the forklifts.
  12. Oversee yard maintenance.
  13. Check and maintain refrigeration units.
  14. Keep the workplace safe and clean.

Interested applicants may email a resume to Gina Brossart, Finance & Operations Director at [email protected], or come into the VISTE office, Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm. If you have any questions, please call Gina Brossart at 863-510-5592.

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