Volunteering at VISTE: A Little Bit of Life Changing

For those of you who have never volunteered at VISTE, I assure you, you should. Whether it’s washing the “fleet” (VISTE’s assortment of vehicles used for various tasks), or repainting a few things here and there, you will always be immersed in a welcoming, entertaining, and caring environment. I, as a high-school student, may have initially started volunteering because of the ever present incentive of scholarships, but after a few days, I found myself asking to come back and do more work —which is an anomaly on my part as a teenager— and even begin anticipate, quite eagerly, waking up at six or seven in the morning and making my way up to their headquarters downtown. Now, coming this early is a choice for me, I could easily come at nine or ten and start volunteering, but I enjoy getting up early and starting the day in such a positive and influential setting.

In my time volunteering here, which has been quite short when looking at some of the other volunteers records, I have had the opportunity to do a numerous assortment of activities with a large spectrum of people. It is always a pleasure to work alongside the younger volunteers (who had come to help us from a summer camp under the acronym T.A.S.C., or Teen Adventure Service Camp) and help them with their tasks at hand, and especially satisfying to help out around a retirement community and see the joy brought to the clients’ faces as the kids, adults, and other volunteers do the their best to satisfy their needs as sufficiently as possible. Even packing frozen meats and vegetables into boxes leaves a warm feeling inside, for you can be assured that the people receiving these will appreciate it more than you could even fathom. It’s an overall thrilling experience that changes your perspective for the better, and leaves you wishing you could do more, and you can! It just takes a little time, effort, and thought, and you can change the world. Even if it’s just a small thing, it all counts in then. So, I encourage anyone and everyone, to at least try it once. I’m sure you won’t leave regretting it.

Thank you for your time,

Connor Devore.

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