Est. 1983

The History of VISTE

VISTE was founded in 1983 by a dozen or so volunteers who saw a need in our local community. VISTE’s original program – transportation – is still our largest, providing an average of 1,200+ door-to-door transportation trips every month. While most trips are medical in nature, rides are also provided to the grocery store, pharmacy, beauty salon, and other destinations.

In the beginning, VISTE volunteers provided transportation to 30-40 clients. Now, 37 years later, VISTE has more than 4,300 clients that range in age from 70 to 106 years old. Since 2016, the growth in elderly population has significantly increased as Baby Boomers began turning 70, and that growth will continue for another 14 years. As an increasing number of our elderly family members, friends, and neighbors come to rely on our services, VISTE continues to count on the generosity and support of our local community to address this ever-expanding need for generations to come.

VISTE kicked off its 40th Anniversary celebrations recently with a Board Reunion event! It was wonderful to see so many current and former Board members. VISTE is thriving, thanks in large part to the dedication of our Board members and key leadership – from the 14 volunteers who founded VISTE in 1983 (including Frank O’Reilly, still volunteering today), to Alice O’Reilly (VISTE president for 20 years), and ALL of VISTE’s Board and Advisory Board members over the years. A Board Reunion photo gallery is posted below.

Special thanks to the Reunion Event Committee, to all of our wonderful VISTE volunteers, and to our 40th Anniversary legacy sponsors: Publix Super Markets Charities, T. Mims Corp., GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, Citizens Bank & Trust, and Victory Church.

Publix Charities
Citizens Bank
Geico Philanthropic Foundation
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Victory Church

More photos coming soon. Stay tuned! 💚

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