Client Story


A Volunteer and VISTE’s Ramp Crew Provide Safe Access to a Client’s Home


By Emma Williams, VISTE Communications Intern 

It’s a day like any other. Just as she has for the past four years, a VISTE volunteer again takes a monthly delivery of supplementary groceries to our client Margaret’s home. Trudging up the ramp with the box in her arms, she pauses. The ramp seems a little more unsteady today, and she feels it giving way under her feet.

Quickly stepping inside the house, the volunteer inwardly resolves to have the ramp replaced as soon as possible. She knows Margaret previously took a fall in her driveway and would not have been able to make it back inside without the aid of her ramp.

Once the volunteer gets back to the office, she informs the staff about the critical situation, and they waste no time getting to work. One month later, right before the volunteer is scheduled to drop off the next delivery of groceries, the new ramp is installed by VISTE’s all-volunteer ramp crew, free of charge to Margaret. Their generous act of service allows Margaret and our volunteers to safely access her home now.

This story is just one example of what VISTE volunteers do on a daily basis - noticing the needs our clients have and promptly getting them addressed. Without their watchful eyes and ears, we would be unaware of the little things which are so crucial to the wellbeing of our seniors. Thank you to all who give of their time and talents to serve our elderly neighbors!

Emma Williams and VISTE Client Margaret
VISTE client Margaret and Southeastern University Communications Intern Emma Williams standing on Margaret’s newly-repaired ramp
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