Our Staff

Alice C. O’Reilly

President Emeritus

Alice O’Reilly is a native of Lakeland, and has been involved with VISTE since 1985 when she joined the Board of Directors. In 1995, she was selected as VISTE’s Executive Director and served in that capacity until Jan. 11, 2015. Alice always knew that there were thousands of seniors counting on VISTE as their lifeline. For those clients who are alone, or have no one to depend on, VISTE is family. Those who know Alice will tell you she never stops. She is constantly thinking about VISTE’s clients, their needs, and how she can continue to help them. Alice listens to VISTE’s clients, and is tuned in to issues that affect seniors. Every day is an opportunity for new ideas, and she is constantly thinking ahead about what is next. Growing up in Lakeland, Alice knows her community well. Alice is motivated by those in the community who look to her as the expert on aging in place. She knows that anyone who cares for an elderly person counts on her to always be on her ‘A-game’.

Alice knows that she has the capacity to help those in need, and she embraces her passion for people, and uses that passion to motivate her every single moment of every single day to give to those who may not be able to help themselves.