Development News – Article from Lisa

VISTE supporters are hands down the most amazing people ever! When the call went out to help purchase Thanksgiving meals and Holiday Personal Care Boxes for seniors in the community, you shattered the QGiv online campaign thermometer! And when it appeared our Annual Campaign was lagging a bit as we entered the fourth quarter, you gave from the heart, exemplifying the true meaning of Christmas, and exceeded the goal! Thank you for the outpouring of generosity you have shown toward the elderly we serve.

I know fundraising may seem immodest or maybe impolite at times – especially when discussing tax incentives, or a strategic focus on dollars and cents, or meeting calendar year-end goals. It may seem the preoccupation of money distracts from the mission. However, when sharing the “why” we must fundraise and “who” is impacted by the generosity of your donations, it begins to tell a story, a beautiful, human story. I believe people give because of an innate desire to help others, as we’re part of a larger community and need every person to participate, to care for one another.    

Fundraising enables us to provide meals, supplemental groceries, vehicles for transportation to critical appointments, ramps for accessibility, and in-home care – the list goes on. These services are needed desperately by VISTE clients, and therefore it requires a request for monetary assistance from the larger community – hence my job. 

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times: people tell me “I could never ask anyone for money!” I understand that sentiment; it’s not always easy for me either. However, I’ve come to approach fundraising as a way to provide individuals with information and an opportunity to support something truly meaningful for them. When this aligns, it is a rewarding experience for all involved and makes the world a better place!

The new year will bring exciting new funding opportunities, and I look forward to connecting with you to create a rewarding experience for all, but most importantly to enhance the care we provide to our elderly friends!     

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