Donations Take All Forms

Here at VISTE, we’ve learned to not be surprised when a volunteer walks in the door and says, “I noticed you needed ____” and then they fill in the blanks of whatever they realized VISTE and our clients needed. And they pull out a bag or a box or say they have something in the car for us. VISTE volunteers take care of our clients so completely.

A few weeks ago, volunteer Thomas Wigfall took us through that very scenario. He walked in and said he’d noticed we’d been needing a new pressure washer and that he had one in the car for us. Not any pressure washer. A really wonderful, new pressure washer. This may not sound like a great gift to some of you, but to us, this is amazing. We are going to be able to do such tremendous things with this.

Thank you so much to Thomas!

Thomas & donation of pressure washer

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