From the Development Director: How You Can Help

Lisa Marquette, Development Director

I’m delighted that our Summer 2021 newsletter focuses on VISTE’s oldest and largest program, Transportation Services! Not only is it widely used by clients – over 15,000 trips per year! – but it was the very first service VISTE offered 38 years ago. But did you know that Transportation Services is also VISTE’s most costly program to run?  

Everyone wants to stay as independent as possible as they age – and being able to drive is a key factor. However, when health issues and/or finances prohibit driving, our clients rely on VISTE to meet their needs. 

We are grateful for the donations received from individuals, families, churches, civic organizations, local businesses, and foundations throughout the year. VISTE services would not be possible without your generous support! Revenue from our annual fundraising event, VISTEBall, also helps to cover a portion of the funding needed for programs like Transportation Services.  

There are also additional ways to support a specific program or service at VISTE (some with significant benefits to the donor). Program sponsorships, naming opportunities, required minimum distributions (for those 72 or older), and legacy gifts are just a few of the creative ways YOU can help VISTE clients maintain a sense of independence and security as they grow older. 

To learn more, visit our website at and go to the online donation form and sponsorship information page. View the impact infographic here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (863) 284-0828 or Thank you!!

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