“Happy Birthday to you…”


VISTE believes in serving the whole person – not just meeting their physical needs, but also seeing to their emotional well-being. One way they accomplish this is through monthly birthday cake deliveries to clients who turn 90 and older. On the 2nd Friday of then month, the clients are visited by a volunteer with a cake, gift bag, and flowers in hand. I had the opportunity to deliver one of these cakes to a lady named Mary.

I was so fortunate to celebrate Mary’s birthday. She has such a pleasant presence about her, and a contagious smile. She believes turtles bring longevity, which inspired her to begin collecting turtle-themed items, and has continued to collect throughout the years.

When Mary was unpacking her gift bag, she expressed how thankful she is for VISTE and their volunteers. She went on to tell me how important giving is to her and that she used to visit the hospital and give to patients. She recalled how rewarding it was to see how surprised the patients were, and how happy it made them.

– Johnna Skeen, VISTE Intern, August 2018

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