Hot Meal Adventures Ep. 1: Two Women and a Snake

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Hot meal delivery volunteer, Joann Schirm, has been with VISTE for 13 years. She and her delivery partner, Marj Chepeka, take fresh and delicious meals to our client’s front doors when they are hardly able to produce healthy and nutritious food for themselves. She says the clients are so appreciative, as these may be one of the only hot meals they are able to enjoy during the week, and it brings joy to her heart knowing that she can bring good food and a smile to their day.
Of course, delivering these meals does not come without its interesting stories! En route to take food to a client in north Lakeland one day, she and Marj found that they may have gotten themselves a little lost. They had pulled over to the side of the road to call VISTE and double check on the address, when all of a sudden, a giant snake slithered its way across the street, scaring the life out of the two women in the car. “Neither of us wanted to step foot out of the car at that point, no matter how far away we had driven from that snake,” Joann laughed.
Even after this memorable adventure, Joann and Marj still deliver today. We are so grateful for the dedication and service.