Making a difference

So often, we hear clients say that without VISTE, they wouldn’t be able to stay in their homes. It’s gratifying to hear that we’re making a big difference and meeting the VISTE mission.

The ways that VISTE staff and volunteers make that possible differs with each client. Each story is different.

Recently, one of the VISTE case managers recently conducted a client intake visit with a new client. The gentleman is in his early 70s. He is a veteran who lives alone. He says he talks to friends or relatives on the phone approximately once a week but no more.

The care manager asked how long he had lived in his apartment because the decor was so spartan. He responded that he had been there for four months but that he had been homeless prior to that. A small blanket covers half of the window on his front door, held in place with tape. He has a used table and chairs that he bought for $20. A neighbor loaned him one pot and one frying pan upon learning of his plight.

As we approach the holiday season, we are hoping we can come together to help this client to gather what most of us would consider the basics so that his shelter (that he is so grateful to have after his time of homelessness) can become a home.

He needs silverware and glassware, a toaster, pots and pans, and a lamp for his bedroom to provide lighting in that room. A sofa, end tables and chairs for his living room would be greatly appreciated. Window blinds or curtains to help protect his privacy would also be on our wish list for him.

A microwave and set of dishes have already been donated.

If you would like to donate something to help this client, call VISTE at 863.284.0828 x 7 and leave a message or email: [email protected] We can each give a little and make a huge difference in the life of this veteran.



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