President’s Message: Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This generic greeting is often used to celebrate a single moment in time, reflect on the prior 12 months, mark a significant milestone, and set one’s sights with renewed intention on the year ahead. Regardless of the context, this is a time of transitions. The same is true for VISTE…

While COVID continued to impact all aspects of our operations, there were still moments of celebration like our first Virtual VISTEBall that turned out to be our most successful fundraising event ever! Reflecting on the year, more than 15,800 transportation trips were provided to 500 seniors. Approximately 35,000 hot meals were delivered, and supplemental groceries provided each month to more than 1,100 clients. 

A significant milestone was reached as we celebrated VISTE’s 25th Annual Thanksgiving Meal Delivery by distributing holiday meals and live plants to a record 2,000 seniors. Volunteers also delivered a total of 800 boxes of Personal Care Items (spring and fall), and 200 bags of Christmas gifts just in time for the holidays. In addition, every one of our more than 4,000 clients received a phone call on their birthday to help celebrate their special occasion. 2021 was quite a year!

While this time of transition continues to drive increased change, some things remain constant: (1) the increasing number of our elderly family members, friends, and neighbors in need, and (2) our community’s generous response to provide funding, volunteer hours, and the compassion required to meet those needs. 

Setting our sights ahead, 2023 marks VISTE’s 40th Anniversary. Preparations are already underway to celebrate that milestone occasion. Additional information along with some exciting news will be announced in upcoming issues of this quarterly newsletter. Stay tuned!

On behalf of the Board, Advisory Board, and staff at VISTE, we are eternally grateful for every person who helped VISTE build such a strong foundation over the past 38 years. We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to continuing this good work together in the year ahead, and for generations to come!


Steve Bissonnette, President

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