President’s Message: Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal. That proverb originated from an essay written by Alexander Pope in 1732 in which he states: “People always hope for the best, even in the face of adversity.”

Over time, however, the cares of this world have cast doubt on this aspirational view of the human spirit. That is especially true for many elderly people living in today’s world who feel more vulnerable, isolated, and fearful than ever.

At VISTE, we strive to bring care and compassion to seniors in need. In that process, each act of kindness and generosity brings us closer together to face adversity not alone, but as members of a shared family. Every volunteer hour, food donation, meal delivery, phone call, birthday card, every monetary gift serves as a tangible affirmation of the dignity and HOPE that is inherent in all of us.

This edition of News & Views highlights various ways clients, volunteers, and donors share of themselves to bring care, compassion, and HOPE to our elderly family members, friends, and neighbors. These stories are designed to recognize, thank, and inspire. Let’s face it, in our current state of affairs, we could all benefit from some tangible reminders that we’re not alone and that indeed, Hope Springs Eternal.

Thank you for being living messengers of HOPE in our modern world!

Steve Bissonnette, VISTE President

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