VISTE Clients Recipients of Local Collaboration

Recently, employees at Madden Brand Agency worked with students at Lincoln Avenue Academy in an enhancement project aimed at teaching students how marketing can affect change. VISTE clients were the beneficiaries of that change as students collected a little more than 2,600 personal care items for VISTE through the project.

“We were just delighted to learn of this project and that we were selected to be a part of it,” said Ashley Miller, VISTE Volunteer Coordinator. “We try to work together with local businesses and schools in a variety of ways, and to have Lincoln Avenue students working with us was very special as we have several clients living in that neighborhood.”

Miller also expressed her gratitude toward Madden Brand Agency. “Steve Madden and his team have always been quite generous with VISTE,” she said. “Steve serves on our Board of Directors and has a real heart for the work we do.”

During the four-week series of Enhancement Hour sessions, designed to provide school-to-work connections for the 5thgrade students, Madden Agency helped students help others, according to Evelyn Hollen, Lincoln Academy Principal.

“They taught students how to set up, market, and run a community service campaign to animate others in their school to contribute to VISTE.  Students initiated the project, developed a plan, and designed marketing strategies to promote involvement.  After a month long learning and campaign experience, students collected over 2,600 items for VISTE,” she said.

“The project engaged over 500 elementary students and their families. Through collaboration with the Madden Agency, our students learned valuable business and civic values, as well as respect and compassion for elderly in our community,” Hollen continued.

Students were divided into teams and turned the project into a competition. The drive was conducted in a variety of different ways, with some teams handing out fliers and some doing call outs via the schools phone system. The 2,600 items received were gathered in a mere three days.

“The students at Lincoln Academy are exceptionally creative in how they approach projects,” said Steve Madden, founder of Madden Brand Agency. “The outcomes from the four week, cause-related marketing project we gave them validate that fact.”

“It’s such a wonderful thing to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, and we see that in volunteerism,” said Miller. “I suspect we’ll see more of these students in the future.”

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