VISTE’s Oldest Client Turns 106!

VISTE recently celebrated our oldest client, Ms. Alverta Yednak. Alverta was born in 1914 and turned 106 this year! Originally from Renovo, a small town in central Pennsylvania, Alverta moved to Stuart, FL, and now resides in Lakeland with her family. VISTE stopped by to visit with Alverta on Valentine’s Day, taking a homemade cake, a goodie bag, and a box of personal care items.

Alverta liked the cake and the items in the goodie bag, particularly the handmade potholders and small bars of scented soap. Alverta’s granddaughter, Julie Francis, said that Alverta loves camping and antiques. “She’s a plunderer,” Julie said, laughing. The family takes Alverta to Pioneer Park Days in Zolfo Springs every year, as well as to the Flywheeler’s event in Fort Meade.


Alverta and Julie

VISTE volunteers decorating cakes

VISTE volunteers bake, decorate, and deliver celebratory cakes each month. 


Surprisingly, Alverta’s favorite place is Disneyworld! A family member bought her a season pass so that she could go regularly. She can walk short distances, but she uses a wheelchair at the park. Julie said that Alverta enjoys riding some of the easier rides but especially likes the attention she receives when people learn her age. With her cheerful personality and good sense of humor, Alverta is somewhat of a celebrity with parkgoers.

Alverta is part of a large family; her 85-year-old son, Martin, lives next door. Thanks to Julie and family members, Alverta looks as lovely as ever. She has beautiful hair and gets her nails done regularly. Julie said that Alverta had major surgery when she was 101, and although things were touch and go for a while, Alverta rebounded and is doing fine.

Alverta sings every night, and while we were visiting, she sang a hymn for us, “Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed.” We were honored and blessed to meet this extraordinary woman and her family, and we are proud to be associated with VISTE and its mission to enable the frail elderly to remain safely and independently in their own homes. Sincere thanks and warmest wishes for health and happiness to Alverta, the Yednak family  and to all of our VISTE staff, supporters, and volunteers who helped make this very special visit possible.

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