Volunteer Spotlight: Southeastern University Athletics Department

As soon as most of the students left the campus of Southeastern University (SEU) to comply with COVID-19 requirements, the Athletics Department staff knew they needed a little something more than Zoom meetings. Athletic Director Drew Watson reached out to VISTE on behalf of the Department, and the group has stepped up to help VISTE in many ways.

Drew and his staff made a significant difference as VISTE transitioned to a new drive-through grocery pick-up process for VISTE clients. The SEU volunteers also continued to support VISTE by packing and delivering Personal Care Boxes, as well as assisting with one of our greatest needs – delivering Hot Meals and Supplemental Groceries. The SEU team has enabled VISTE to continue to provide services to our elderly clients in a safe and effective manner.

“What we have tried to do as a department during this time is to focus on others,” Drew noted. “I think providing hope and focusing on other people is really the key to getting through something like this. I’ve been proud of our department for getting on board and providing hope.” We are so grateful to Drew, the SEU Athletics Department, and all the volunteers who help VISTE serve our frail and elderly neighbors!

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