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Steve Bissonnette, President

Steve Bissonnette

Since 2015

About Steve

A Lakeland resident since 1988, Bissonnette holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University. He previously worked for the City of Lakeland, where he was Assistant Director of the Community Development Department. After volunteering as a VISTE Board member for six years, Steve has served as VISTE’s President since 2015.

His professional career spans several areas of expertise, with experience in urban planning, public administration, and non-profit management.

Lisa Marquette

Lisa Marquette

Development Director
Since 2019

About Lisa

Lisa Marquette is VISTE’s first Development Director and joined the staff in 2019. She works primarily with individual donors to advance VISTE’s mission. Prior to coming to VISTE, Lisa’s Development experience was in higher education fundraising for Bucknell University in PA, where she facilitated support through outright and deferred planned gifts. 

Dorothy Blackwell

Dorothy Blackwell

Development Assistant
Since 2019

About Dorothy

Dorothy began working at VISTE in 2019 as a Development Assistant. She works closely with the Development Director and President, assisting with fundraising, grants, social media, and the newsletter.

Patty Johnson

Patty Johnson

Volunteer and Events Manager
Since 2021

About Patty

Patty Johnson is VISTE's Volunteer and Events Manager and joined the staff in 2021. Patty coordinates our annual VISTEBall event as well as managing and recruiting volunteers. Prior to joining VISTE, she served as a Family Advisor for Mainstay Senior Living Communities, Volunteer Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to VP of Operations at Christian City and Volunteer Coordinator at Piedmont Fayette Hospital Auxiliary.

Dilsey Cassel - viste Executive Assistant

Dilsey Cassel

Executive Assistant
Since 2017

About Dilsey

Dilsey joined the VISTE team in 2017. She provides administrative support for the President and assists with Board meetings and related activities. As the main Receptionist at the front desk, Dilsey is also a key frontline staff member. 

Program Services

Patricia Wright - viste program director

Patricia Wright

Program Director
Since 2017

About Patricia

Patricia Wright began working for VISTE in 2017 as Food Distribution Coordinator and now serves as Program Director, overseeing all aspects of VISTE’s program operations. Patricia has considerable nonprofit experience and retired from a 20-year career in education. She holds graduate degrees in Educational Leadership and Non-Profit Management.

Tucker Bradshaw - viste Warehouse Manager

Tucker Bradshaw

Warehouse Manager
Since 2018

About Tucker

Tucker began with VISTE in 2017 as a volunteer and joined the staff as Warehouse Coordinator in 2018. He can frequently be seen driving a forklift, moving pallets of donated food and other supplies in the warehouse. He also performs or coordinates repairs and upgrades to the facility.

Dee McCants - viste Supplemental Groceries Coordinator

Dee McCants

Supplemental Groceries Coordinator
Since 2019

About Dee

Dee joined VISTE in 2019 as Supplemental Groceries Coordinator. Prior to becoming a VISTE staff member, Dee volunteered for VISTE for more than 15 years, delivering hot meals and supplemental groceries. In her current position she coordinates 100+ volunteers to provide supplemental food to some of our most at-risk seniors.


Shacarda Johnson

Client Services Coordinator
Since 2021

Shacarda joined Viste in May 2021 and was a past volunteer delivering groceries to clients through a previous employer. She came to Viste with an array of experiences in case management, social services, and insurance while holding leadership roles. Currently, Shacarda serves as the Client Services Coordinator by assisting prospective clients with intake and interviews to determine eligibility for our program/services.

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Sue Potter

Hot Meals Coordinator
Since 2021

Sue started volunteering with VISTE in November of 2020. Prior to becoming the Hot Meals Coordinator in June of 2021, she volunteered as a hot meals driver and also helped with the supplemental grocery pickup and delivery programs. In her new position, she will be coordinating all aspects of the delivery of hot meals to our valued seniors. 

Client Transport Services

Rodney Biegasiewicz - viste Transportation Manager

Rodney Biegasiewicz

Transportation Manager
Since 2017

About Rodney

Rodney began with VISTE in 2017 as a Transportation Driver and in 2018 was promoted to Transportation Manager. He processes numerous calls from VISTE clients every day, with the help of a part-time staff member and volunteer support. He also manages and oversees the schedules of 8 full-time and 1 part-time VISTE Transportation Drivers.

Donna White - viste Transportation Assistant

Donna White

Transportation Assistant
Since 2020

About Donna

Donna initially worked for VISTE as a Transportation Driver for two years and later served as a VISTE volunteer. In 2020 she began working as a part-time Transportation Assistant, providing important support for the Transportation Manager. 

Clara Hill - viste driver

Clara Hill

Since 1988
Ronda McCray - viste driver

Ronda McCray

Since 2012
Michelle Hinds - viste driver

Michelle Hinds

Since 2013
Marcia Bell - viste driver

Marcia Bell

Since 2013
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Dorothy Carter

Since 2013
April-Robinson 1

April Robinson

Since 2017
Tracey Moore - viste driver

Tracey Moore

Since 2019
Stacey Cooper

Stacey Cooper

Since 2021
Kathy Williams - VISTE Driver

Kathy Williams

Since 2006
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